Quiffs, Pomps & Cool Grease

The Times said the runway shows have deemed slick hair as the look for Fall 2010 and gave a quick ‘how-to.’ Seems as though anything goes these days as long as its “retro” and looks like you put some time and effort into it.

I think the keyword here is “effort” and the men are trying to keep up with the ladies. Girls, you have been bumpin’ it and curlin’ it for a minute now and our disheveled guys want to match the swagger from time to time.

Gentlemen, pull those combs out of your back pockets and slop on the good stuff: Cool Grease.

Cool Grease has been around for awhile and is so much better for your hair than Murphy’s. This awesome hair product is made in Japan, water-soluble, can be used with heat and protects your hair from UV rays. It has the consistency of a gel-like pomade and gives it that shiny rockabilly finish.

The Cool Grease Blue is the original formula and has a normal hold.

The Cool Grease Red has medium hold.

The Cool Grease XX Max-Hard (Black)
is a super duper hold.

Applying it to towel-dried hair would be the best way to work in the product. Depending on how big or stylized you want your quiff or pomp to be, you can let it airdry or use a hairdryer to set the look higher and give it structure. Use a comb to help you shape.

When washing your hair, apply shampoo before water and rub it through. This little “dry shampoo trick” will help you get out the water-soluble product out even faster!

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