Am I Crazy?!?

Okay, I basically set myself up, by choosing that as my title. I am a ‘lil crazy folks and that’s why you love me. All kidding aside, I would like to address an issue that seems to be shunned by doctors and nearly obsolete on the internet, save some personal testimonials: SIDE EFFECTS OF GETTING OFF BIRTH CONTROL.

Oh yeah, sure, there are loads of tidbits about what you will feel when you first get on it. (Although, they don’t always tell you that depression, anxiety, potassium build-up that can cause chronic gall bladder disease, weight gain, clots, tumors, insomnia and headaches can occur.) Some of us are lucky not to have that happen, but as in life, the aftermath is the catch-22.

Even your gyno doesn’t, always, give you the low-down on what can happen as a result of adding and taking away the increase in hormones. As with ANY drug use, if you continually add something, your body stops making it, itself, so when you stop using the drug i.e. the pill, your body will have to readjust and re-learn to make the hormones.

It may not be as dramatic for everyone who gets off, but if you’re unfortunate enough to be more sensitive, like me, then you definitely feel like you are spiraling out of control.

As with anything, it’s much easier to handle difficulty if it’s addressed and you logically know why your emotions are so raw, because you know it will pass. But many, of us, don’t have anyone to tell us that it happens and medical tests may show all things to be “fine,” when it’s not totally.

There is a reason. Withdrawal is real. It’s sad, because most women tend to blame themselves, and just feel out of control and crazy. Their relationships and work may suffer, because they can just be deemed as “psycho” and not the same person they used to be, as if they consciously chose to change.

There are things you can do to help yourself deal as your body learns to make hormones again.

1. Increased the amount of cardio to 30 minutes a day.

2. Drink Yogi St. John’s Wort Blues Away Tea.

3. Do Yoga. It really helps balance your system and reduce stress. There are many types. Try them out and see which you like. Anusara or Bikram have been popular choices in my group.

4. Smooth Shaper skin treatments. I see Lynn featured on \"Doctors\" at Per Amore in Beverly Hills. That bloating and major hormone shift gave me major cellulite. You don’t necessarily need to be overweight or older to have cellulite. It’s on the skin level where this occurs not where lipo is traditionally done. Click on the name to learn more and see pics of before and after. I’m too shy to share that!

5. A more, natural and balanced diet, complete with vitamins. 5-HTP
is one vitamin that is not as well-known. it can aid in better sleep and higher serotonin levels a.k.a. the “happy” juice.

6. Major water drinking. Dehydration just exacerbates bloating and cellulite.

I read today that Arbonne has Arbonne Prolief Natural Balancing Cream that helps. I haven’t tried it, myself, but I’m gonna!

So, am I crazy? Crazy is harsh. We’ll call it “under duress.” You will be ok. A year off the pill after being on it for 13 years, I am feeling like I have more control, because I found ways to help myself during the transition. But until you know it’s real, you can’t address it.

Click here for a link to the best thread I could find with testimonials from women and their experiences getting off of different birth control.

Remember, our body changes every seven years. So even though, you were, once, able to handle it, it is not abnormal that you can’t anymore. Some people get food allergies or can’t handle caffeine as time goes on. It’s natural. Don’t be afraid to make the call, when your body is screaming at you to stop certain things, even if your doctor makes light of it.

Do It All By Yourself

It’s, finally, happened y’all. After two years of really figuring out how to bring these videos to life, they are here live on YouTube. Subscribe to my channel: thymaihair to instantly get updates on new tips! I do plan on continuing to make them.

I was inspired to do this, because I love teaching you how to replicate styles. I found myself, teaching the same lessons and that it was easy to forget what I had said once you got home. And it grew from there…

I am so thankful to be able to do what I love and share it with you. I’m most thankful to the team who made it possible! Shout out time. I, highly, recommend any of these professionals for your own business needs.

Wing Ko, Randal Kirk and Samrod Shenassa for camera. It’s definitely not easy to light hair, shoot and film in an artistic style!

Kyle Sherman for direction and editing. He has a great radio show KSL online. Check it out!

Joshua Heath for the funky fresh music. Greg Kupiec and his team at The Ether design for the ridiculously amazing graphics.

Camila Martins for helping with props. Isabella Che for letting us use her studio to film. Tadashi Suzuki for all the support and food!!

These videos look fantastic on the Iphone! If you have one, it is amazing to have the tutorial play on your phone propped in front of the mirror, while you are doing your hair.


Little Tokyo in Downtown L.A. is known to hold many dining treasures. As of late, this spot has, also, been housing fashion gems!

Downtown has become a magnet for the arts . With the influx of young city lovers, has come establishments customized for the fashionable, urban dweller.

KIMSKI makes is a fantastic shop smack dab in the center of it all, next to popular staples of the community: Popkiller and American Apparel.

It is a mix of vintage, yes the good vintage, too good at times, costume jewelry, elusive eyewear, floral rompers, serious jackets (their own line and imports) and boots! Even cowboy! My sister Andrea, who once suffered boot deficiency now causes boot envy with the pairs she has scored here.

Lolo, founder of Martini & Milk, had her arms full in 20 minutes flat. My “brother” Kyle was stoked with a vintage Lee denim jacket and vintage Levi’s belt & buckle…I could go on and on.

Very affordable prices ($10-$200) The bonus is that they have an online store if you’re not local. Happy Treasure Hunting!
369 E. 2nd St. Los Angeles, CA 90012 213.626.0340

Such a Steal!

Every once in awhile, a product hits the market that works amazingly well and comes at an incredible price. Industry professionals will swear by it. Your best friend will rave about it. And despite all the hype, you will hesitate and then one day be at your local drugstore and say what the heck.

You take it home. You try it. And why the heck did you wait so long to get it?!?! You ask yourself this, so pleased with your buy. You will still be in disbelief that you only dropped ten dollars, when it can go for six times more…

What is it you say? Why, it’s Maybelline Dream Girl Mousse Liquid Foundation. My bestie, Camila Martins told me when her make-up artist friend told her and now I’m telling you. Whew! (sing: Maybe, it’s Maaaaybelliiiine.)

It’s always best to start with a clean and moisturized face. For an extra smooth, photo-ready complexion prep your face with Smashbox’s Photo Finish!

Powder My Wig

Bumble and Bumble has amazing hair powder that is colored! Now, let’s think beyond the realm of “freshening up” weighed down hair and open up to the possibilities of these fantastic sprays.

Not only can you hide your roots before your next appointment or de-grease your hair and add volume, but you can add pazzazz. Ever wonder what you would look like with a white, brown, black, blonde or red panel? Want to conjure up your inner rock star without the commitment? Well, now you can see what it’s like. Separate out the section you want to color. Put a sheet of paper under it to cover rest of your hair and spray. If you have a shaved head or undercut, cut out stencils and spray. Diagonal lines that contour your head shape, polka dots, triangles, it’s endless really.

It’s hot. It’s non-commital. It’s fun and practical. The aerosol can is programmed to release the dry shampoo ingredients before the color. You need to really push all the way down in order for the color to enter the spray stream. Don’t be scurred.

Lee Alexander McQueen (1969-2010)

Alexander McQueen collections, no matter under what House, inspired and moved the whole world of fashion. Bless him, our L’enfant Terrible. Rest in Peace.

His clothes and presentations spoke to a whole generation. I mean the costumes, the music, the hologram of Kate Moss! Wow. I’ve never wanted to wear anything, as much as his clothes.

I’ll post inspiring videos and images on FB.

Coming Soon!

Some of you may know that I have been working very hard to develop and film some videos to help you do your hair at home, when I can’t be there. Probably, why my blogs are a little sparse these days.

Many of my clients have the same questions and there are classic looks that are, always, handy to know so you can really complete your “look” for different occasions.

It is in its final stages of editing and primping. I look forward to your feedback and hope you find it helpful! Bisou.

Insider Info

Special THANKS and SHOUT-OUT to Leigh Ann Boutwell!! Leigh Ann just tipped me off on a beauty store that ALWAYS has this fabulous and authentic Parisienne hair spray. It is on La Peer and Olympic and simply called La Peer Beauty. That is just fantastic since Beauty Collection has sold out of their inventory.

This spray is kept behind the counter. Thankfully, there is no secret password that we need to be privy to…yet… Leigh Ann, I’ll miss you here in L.A., but I’ll love visiting you in NYC!!

Quiffs, Pomps & Cool Grease

The Times said the runway shows have deemed slick hair as the look for Fall 2010 and gave a quick ‘how-to.’ Seems as though anything goes these days as long as its “retro” and looks like you put some time and effort into it.

I think the keyword here is “effort” and the men are trying to keep up with the ladies. Girls, you have been bumpin’ it and curlin’ it for a minute now and our disheveled guys want to match the swagger from time to time.

Gentlemen, pull those combs out of your back pockets and slop on the good stuff: Cool Grease.

Cool Grease has been around for awhile and is so much better for your hair than Murphy’s. This awesome hair product is made in Japan, water-soluble, can be used with heat and protects your hair from UV rays. It has the consistency of a gel-like pomade and gives it that shiny rockabilly finish.

The Cool Grease Blue is the original formula and has a normal hold.

The Cool Grease Red has medium hold.

The Cool Grease XX Max-Hard (Black)
is a super duper hold.

Applying it to towel-dried hair would be the best way to work in the product. Depending on how big or stylized you want your quiff or pomp to be, you can let it airdry or use a hairdryer to set the look higher and give it structure. Use a comb to help you shape.

When washing your hair, apply shampoo before water and rub it through. This little “dry shampoo trick” will help you get out the water-soluble product out even faster!

New Year New You

clinking glassesThe onset of a new year, always, has most of us thinking of getting a new “look.” I, fully, encourage changing up your hairstyle, whether it be in color or cut, to spice it up. 2010! Yay!

Just a few points to consider, when weighing out your options: find styles where the person has similar skin tone, face shape and texture to your own. Staying within these parameters will ensure you the pleasure of, actually, being able to have what you desire.

Sometimes, what looks fantastic on one person, may not suit another. For example: A lady with fine to medium hair may sport a one-length bob, whereas, a lady with medium-thick hair may find this style to be heavy and bell out at the ends. A gentleman with a strong growth pattern in front, i.e. a “cowlick,” may find his hair sticks up funny, if cut too short; whereas, a gentlemen, with no growth pattern, can still have the front lay down or go up.

There are, always, exceptions that can be compensated through styling techniques. It’s just dependent on how much time you are willing to spend. A common one is curly to straight or straight to curly.

Whatever, you desire, think it through and give it a try. Your hairdresser is a great person to consult if you are not sure. Don’t be afraid to ask. Who knows– going darker just might make those eyes pop!